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Chacuey Brooch

Chacuey Brooch

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Our CHACUEY brooch inspired by the Taíno Megalithic Monument and Petroglyphs of Chacuey. “The megalithic monument at Chacuey was perhaps a place of great
festivities at certain times of the year or a venerated site of pligrimage. Above all, however, its study reveals something more momentous: the degree of development reached by certain Taíno chiefdoms demanded that they have specialists in geometry and astronomy.

The ceremonial plazas could have integrated the conceptualizations of space and time. Should these constructions be aligned towards the main stars at significant points in time, they found a way to project a cosmic time and the time of the gods onto a space
constructed by human beings. That is, the divine and the human linked in the same space-time.”

Quote from “Tainos and Caribs. The Aboriginal Cultures of the Antilles by Sebastian
Robiou Lamarche”

Brooch is handmade with glass beads by Dominican artisan Ann Beato.

Size: 1.5" x 1.5"

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