Collection: S/S 22 - DOS | Una Búsqueda |

Dos |Una Busqueda| is a celebration of the human being and its connection with nature from the lens of ancestral cultures. Based on the idea of ​​the archaeologist, academic and anthropologist Nicholas J. Saunders who says: "Archeology and the traditional cultures of the Caribbean illustrate a crucial aspect of human beings: we inherit the world of nature, but we constantly remake it in our imagination".

Dos |Una Busqueda| is a continuation of his previous collection "Uno", a deeper inquiry into ancestry. This time focused on the study of culture from the artifacts that ancestral cultures like the Tainos created and left as their legacy. In particular, the Zemí is a source of information for the creative process and ideation of the pieces. The designer draws from the story that says that some Zemís were born from the calling of nature to be transformed into objects of worship - a story that she connected with the creative process of making fashion. She also expresses: "I felt extremely attracted to the golden vegan leather and the need arose in me to make this, a bag that takes the form of a Zemí Trigonolito-the‘ Amulet Crossbody ’"

Other key pieces of the collection are reminiscent of archeological artifacts such as ceramic vases ie. the “Vessel Belt Bag” that is reminiscent of the shape of a ceramic vase, as well as the “Island Society Bag” and the “Katerpillar” that personify the changing and dynamic state of Caribbean life. The collection is dominated by a neutral palette, with an emphasis on black, copper and off-white; plus hints of gold and red. Prints and textures interrupt the pieces through cuts with geometric and organic shapes, accentuating the silhouettes and shapes found in the archaeological pieces.