Our belief system

Ká Dipuglia prompts profound inquiries into the intricate tapestry
of Caribbean identity. Every decision we make stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to shaping the future of conscious Caribbean fashion. Our brand is defined by a profound commitment to embarking on an environmentally sustainable journey while fostering a positive impact on our community.
We meticulously craft all our accessories in the Dominican Republic, working in close collaboration with skilled artisans and local small-scale manufacturers. By supporting material innovations that diverge from the toxic and detrimental practices associated with animal leather, we endorse vegan cactus leather as our preferred alternative—a plant-based substitute renowned for its minimal water usage and adherence to organic agricultural principles.
Our approach entails a deep appreciation for cultural awareness and
purpose-driven design. It is our firm belief that true consciousness necessitates a thoughtful examination of culture and a deliberate alignment of our creative endeavors with a meaningful mission.

How where we created?

Ká Dipuglia was created in November 2020 by designer Karla Dipuglia under the idea of pushing the existing schemes of sustainable fashion.

The designer saw that the industry was lacking brands that had a sustainable approach to manufacturing but kept a unique aesthetic and essence.

Ká Dipuglia's mission is two-fold: to provide fair wage opportunities to artisans and craftspeople in the Dominican Republic, while also showcasing the vibrant essence of the Caribbean and paving the way for ethical Caribbean fashion.

Through visually captivating designs, the brand tells the story of the present-day Caribbean and sets a pathway for the future of ethical fashion in the region.

Ethical Manifesto

For our brand, its about having a low environmentally impact journey and a positive impact on our community. We are conscious of our design and production choices and are aware that there are areas were we can improve - and believe us we're working hard to make it happen.

It's all about transparency. The materials we use on our products are the best we can use at the moment - considering our business scale and small production batches. Our bags are made using Desserto Cactus Leather. This material is not 100% vegetable based. The material does have a polyester percentage on its composition. We invite you to read more about it's sustainability credentials here.

We believe in supporting material innovations that drive the industry away from animal leather's toxic and harmful practices. We're very excited about the materials innovations happening at the moment and will switch to plastic free leather alternative materials as soon as they become more easily available for emerging designers.

Ethical practices matter. We work closely with small manufacturers and artisans in Dominican Republic. We value their work and provide fair wage jobs.

In the Making: Inarú Mini Bag