Ká: An Alternative World

Sano y Exótico x Amulet Mini Crossbody

Camila is looking for ingredients in the kitchen. She opens a cabinet and a strange ingredient is drawn to her hand. She continues to look for the ingredient and opens another cabinet, and she again finds an AMULET MINI CROSSBODY. She thinks to herself which one she likes best and chooses one. As she decides, Camila is transported into another dimension where the bags become spaceships, and she is now an alien from another world.

"When I look for special pieces, I want them to be practical but also to make me feel cool. My AMULET MINI CROSSBODY, a perfectly balanced bag, fits just the necessary. The fact that it's chunky, soft but structured, makes me feel confident and it totally goes with my style"... Sano y Exótico (Camila)

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